On the journey of building a thriving online business, it can get a bit overwhelming when technology starts throwing a party of its own. Don’t freak out! We’ll joyfully navigate through the realms of using mind maps to help you create automations and workflows. 

Enter the hero of our uplifting story—Mind Map Your Systems! We’ll introduce you to this positive sidekick that makes creating mind maps of your business systems and processes a breeze. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to a more colorful, visual way of understanding your business with enthusiasm!

Below is an example of a simple lead process mapped out with Whimsical’s mind mapping tool.

You can create mind maps for your tech stack, onboarding process, content creation process and so much more! Mapping out your processes gives a great visual representation for you and your team to refer to so that everyone is on the same page with how things are done.

When you’re first using mind maps, I find it’s easiest to start with the beginning and work your way towards the end. I view the beginning as your network and connections that you’re building (some are leads and others are good business friends). Then I like to shift to onboarding and offboarding clients. After that, I’ll mind map business processes like marketing, new services and products, client work process, and anything else that helps you have a visual of the whole picture.

If you’d like some guidance through this process, take a peek at Mind Map Your Systems. On this call, I’ll map out all of your existing systems and processes and help you create new ones to make running your business much smoother. It’ll help you quickly visualize your business operations, so you can make effective decisions, streamline your operations, and gain better control over your business. We’ll also identify areas of improvement within your business.

The tech journey might seem like a rollercoaster, but no stress! With the good vibes of mind maps, tech overwhelm is just a chance for your business to level up. Embrace the chill energy of these tools, with Mind Map Your Systems leading the way, and watch your online business turn into a laid-back paradise of success. Cheers to boosting your biz with a smile! ✌️

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